As the most bemedalled athlete in Olympic games history, Michael Phelps has something to teach everyone about the importance of proper training. Winning a total of 16 Olympic medals – 6 golds and 2 bronze in 2004 in Athens, and 8 golds in 2008 in Beijing – the American swimming sensation holds a record that will not be matched or broken in a long time. Even if you have no aspiration to be an Olympian, there is something you can learn from the Michael Phelps training routine.

How To Train Like Michael Phelps

1. Train long and hard. When preparing for a competition Phelps trains 5 hours every day of the week, with no rest day. If you want to build endurance you have to do long swims. Swimming workouts for speed is also important, especially for competitive swimmers like Michael Phelps. There are drills for endurance and other drills for speed and form. You have to do drills every day to perfect your form and build the speed and endurance you need to win.

2. Use the right gear. Swimmers use all sorts of training gear to ramp up their workout at the pool. Kickboards, training fins, pull buoys, and training paddles are standard gear for swimmers in training. Michael Phelps uses all of these in his training routine.

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3. Hit the gym. Swimmers ordinarily avoid weight lifting because they do not want bulky muscles that will only get in the way in the water. Michael Phelps’ strength training program focuses on exercises that are swimmer-friendly. His body remains slim and he has lean muscles but his strokes in the water are stronger and longer to propel him forward faster.

4. Rest and recover. An athlete in training needs rest after a workout routine to give the body time to recover. Phelps makes sure his body gets enough sleep and rest so he is ready for the next race or training session.

5. Diet. During training, Michael Phelps is said to consume between 10,000 to 12,000 calories per day. The typical adult male requires 2,000 to 2,500 calories each day. Phelps consumes large amounts of carbohydrates which he needs to fuel his body for training or competition. You do not need to eat as much as Phelps does when he trains, but make sure you get the nutrition you need along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Tall and lean with big feet, wide shoulders and long arms, Michael Phelps has the perfect physique for a swimmer. However, it is not only his natural assets that make him the phenomenal swimmer that he is. He has the will of a champion, the dedication to train hard, and the determination to win no matter what it takes.

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